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Is an e cargobike cheaper than a delivery van


How much would you save by replacing a car or a delivery van by an e-cargobike?


In the context of the European PRO-E-BIKE project, an Excel programme has been developed to make this kind of calculation. The project aims to promote the use of electrical vehicles, especially e-bikes, e-cargobikes and e-scooters for transporting goods and persons.

One of the results is a simulation tool for companies and public authorities operating a fleet of vehicles. The tool calculates the benefits in terms of cost and emissions to be generated by the use of e-vehicles.

The results are an indication, to be specified in detail on the basis of the exact needs of a company. The developers promise that the tool can be used in all European countries. For every country, local data can be added to increase the relevance of the outcome.

Ronald Jorna (Mobycon)
21-07-2015 @ 16:13

The tool can be downloaded from the PRO-E-BIKE website at: in eight different languages. After using the simulation tool you are kindly asked to complete the short questionnaire.

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