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  • 1. Preference for bike path over bicycle street

    Amersfoort, Holkerweg, two-way bike path. Initially local authorities in Amersfoort intended to turn the service road along Holkerweg into a bicycle street. This has the advantage that motor vehicles from side-roads may still use the bicycle street. After consultation of the residents, however, a decision was made to turn the service road into a separate bike path.

  • 2. Principal bicycle route to Vathorst

    Amersfoort is expanding. After Kattenbroek the Vathorst residential neighbourhood is being realised. In order to provide a good connection to the town centre, a principal bicycle route has been created, mainly along existing roads and paths. At various locations infrastructure is being upgraded, for instance at the Holkerweg service road. Expected intensities in 2015: 15,000 bicycles per day and 11,000 cars. In the old situation two side-roads were accessed via the service road.

  • 3. Bicycle street because of car circulation

    In upgrading the service road local authorities were faced with the choice: bike path or bicycle street? Initially the bike path option was dropped, since it would necessitate two new connections to the main road for motor vehicles from the side-roads. This was not conducive to car circulation. In the bicycle street option motor vehicles from the side-roads could travel along the bicycle street. At the residents’ request - caused by doubts about the efficacy of the bicycle street - this option was abandoned in favour of a bike path.

  • 4. Preference for bike path

    Due to the decision in favour of the bike path, two new connections to Holkerweg had to be realised. Small traffic islands have been implemented at these intersections, aimed at reducing the speed of motor vehicles, in part for the safety of crossing cyclists and pedestrians. The design has taken lorries up to 10 metres long into account. Larger vehicles will only very rarely use Holkerweg and will need more room to manoeuvre.

  • 5. Platforms

    For cyclists’ safety platforms have been constructed at the intersections of the bike path and side-roads. In this way the speed of motor vehicles is reduced and motorists’ attention is drawn to the bike path. The platforms increase motorists’ willingness to yield to cyclists on the main bicycle route. Mopeds are to drive on Holkerweg.

  • 6. Details

    The platforms are 8 cm high. The slopes for motor vehicles have a length of 2 metres. For cyclists very slight slopes, 10 metres long, have been effected. The bike path has a width of 4 metres, as prescribed by local authorities for principal bicycle routes in Amersfoort. There is sufficient room between Holkerweg and the bike path for cars to line up. The costs of the bike path are approx. 100,000 Euro, excluding preparation costs.

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