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Bicycle Capitals of the world: Sustainable mobility in Copenhagen and Amsterdam - KpVV Webcast

Fietsberaad and KpVV (Transport Knowledge Resource Center in the Netherlands) invite you to join us and two programme managers of the bycicle capitals of the World in the discussion about bicycle policy.

The city of Copenhagen is working on a new programme on cycling policy. The goal is to increase the percentage of cycling commuters from 37% to a 50% market share by 2015. To reach this goal Copenhagen wants to make cycling travel times more competitive and create a more pleasant cycling environment during rush hour.
Amsterdam is a comparable city with much similarities on spatial planning and culture. Both cities have a comparable bicycle use. But there are some remarkable differences as well. For example in Copenhagen cyclists wear helms, stop for a red light and in rush hours almost no children are cycling to school.

What did they learn from their policy last years, concerning parking problems, theft , infrastructure, safety and promotion of bicylcle use? How did they differ and what are the lessons learned? What are the challenges they face? These are some of the questions asked during the webcast.

Information about bicycle use and cycling policy of Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Webcast schedule
The webcast will take about 45 minutes and consists of a short introduction and a discussion. The discussion may contain the questions you filled in with your registration. You also have the opportunity to join the discussion real-time by chatting during the webcast. The language will be English.

The following programme managers are available to answer your questions:
- Andreas Røhl, City of Copenhagen
- Bas van den Heuvel, City of Amsterdam

The discussion will be led by Marc Maartens, a professorial reporter and chairman on mobility.

You’re welcome
Everybody is welcome to join the webcast. Especially policy makers and governors concerned with sustainable mobility and/or cycling policy are invited.

If you'd like to join the webcast, you can register by using the button 'Aanmelden voor deze bijeenkomst '. A couple of days before the webcast you will receive an e-mail with a link to the webcast.

Compatibility of your PC
To join the webcast your PC needs to be able to produce sound and have an internet connection. You might need to use earphones. The bandwidth of the connection to the Internet needs to have enough capacity for streaming video. If your display of the webcast doesn't look right or sound isn't synchronized, this is probably due to the limits of your bandwidth.

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Niels Torslov and Niels Jensen (city of Kopenhagen) , Velocity 2007 M√ľnchen Proceedings
The cyle parking strategy of Copenhagen: neglected for many years; chaotic parking situations - a lot of work to do.
Het schitterende - niet alleen qua uitvoering - fietsplan van Kopenhagen, 2002-2012. Een breed, integraal plan.
Fietsberaad , Fietsberaad
This DVD provides insight into several infrastructural examples. Most examples can also be found in the Examples Bank on this website.
Dirk Ligtermoet (Ligtermoet & Partners, Gouda) , Fietsberaad
Vergelijking van het fietsbeleid in 5 Nederlandse fietssteden (Groningen, Zwolle, Veenendaal, Enschede, Amsterdam) en 5 buitenlandse naburige steden (Kopenhagen, Munster, Freiburg, Gent en Odense).
Dirk Ligtermoet (Ligtermoet & Partners, Gouda) , Fietsberaad
Comparison of bicycle policy in 5 Dutch bicycle towns (Groningen, Zwolle, Veenendaal, Enschede, Amsterdam) and 5 foreign towns (Copenhagen, Munster, Freiburg, Ghent and Odense). This document is moved.  Click here.
Dirk Ligtermoet , Fietsverkeer 23
Naast Nederland is Denemarken het ‘andere’ fietsland van Europa. En binnen Denemarken worden altijd vooral Kopenhagen en Odense genoemd als dé fietssteden van het noorden. Voorjaar 2009 werd vanuit het Fietsberaad Kopenhagen weer bezocht voor een verkenning van de stad. Maar er waren vooral ook intensieve gesprekken met lokale ambtenaren. Een impressie.
In 2015 staat Kopenhagen bekend als de Ecometropool van de wereld. Kopenhagen zal het centrum zijn voor de klimaataanpak wereldwijd, een groene en blauwe stad, schoon en gezond. En daarbij speelt de fiets een hoofdrol.