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News overview 2008

25-12-2008 According to research bureau CE it is much more effective to reduce CO2 by improving bicycle infrastructure than by investing in a better flow of motor vehicles. It is however unknown how much CO2 benefit bicycle measures would provide. Therefore effects should be better monitored.
19-12-2008 An increasing number of Dutch towns are instigating free guarded parking for bicycles. In Nieuwegein use is double already.
16-12-2008 A fiscal compensation of 19 eurocents per kilometre should be instituted for commuting cyclists, according to Joop Atsma, MP (CDA). And to make parking a bicycle more attractive, this should be taxed at the low VAT regime of six per cent - just like bicycle repairs.
10-12-2008 ‘Due in part to the increasing attention to health and mobility, cycling remains popular even in economically trying times’, according to René Takens, CEO of the Accel Group, at the announcement of the forecast figures for 2008.
04-12-2008 The European Commission has made five million Euro available for plans benefiting the quality of life in inner cities. Bike measures feature prominently on the wish list.
01-12-2008 The number of Swiss wearing a bike helmet is steadily increasing, according to BPA, the Swiss organisation for the prevention of accidents. In 2008 38% of Swiss cyclists wore a helmet, twice as much as in 1999.
24-11-2008 TU Delft is currently conducting a feasibility study into the BIMI (BIcyclette Movement Individuel), an extremely high-tech bike rental system allowing the bicycle to be left and rented anywhere.
19-11-2008 In Canada and the US the rental bike received a welcome boost when Time magazine proclaimed the Montreal system (called Bixi) one of the best inventions of 2008. The bikes are extremely sturdy, equipped with RFID tags to keep track of them and parking facilities are provided with solar panels.
15-11-2008 Hospitals quite often suffer parking problems. Erasmus Medisch Centrum in Rotterdam is solving this by paying staff a kilometre allowance of € 0,10 for not travelling by car but by bicycle or public transport.
10-11-2008 MIT researchers unveiled a major new project in Copenhagen aimed at transforming bicycle use in Denmark's largest city, promoting urban sustainability and building new connections between the city's cyclists.
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