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News overview 2009

29-12-2009 Does the introduction of rental bike systems, as in Barcelona and Paris, leads to changes in transport behaviour and changes in the modal split? Although there are quite a number of indications, this remains hard to prove.
22-12-2009 Car use will fall by 15% and public transport use will increase by 6%. These are some of the expected results of the mileage tax. No data have been published on effects on bicycle use, but previous studies indicate an approximately 10% increase.
15-12-2009 The rental bike system introduced by the German railways in Hamburg in mid-2009 is off to a flying start. In a few months well over 200.000 trips have been made.
08-12-2009 There is a great demand for cycling proficiency training for the elderly in Zwolle, as demonstrated by the number of applications for the course ‘Fietsen zonder Zorgen’ (Carefree Cycling): 250 people wanted to participate.
01-12-2009 Bicycle Mania is a photobook dedicated to bicycles in everyday life in the Netherlands. American photojournalist Shirley Agudo – a long- term resident of the Netherlands – captures it all in her surprising and fun images.
30-11-2009 After the rental bike and the Bike City project Vienna again draws attention with the introduction of an eco-bonus. People turning in their old bicycles will receive a discount on a new one.
23-11-2009 Most local authorities remain silent when asked why the new parking garage and bicycle parking have not been combined. ‘Never thought of that’, they often reply. Niek Bosch of Goudappel Coffeng consultants discovered this to his own amazement when surveying a number of towns.
16-11-2009 How much can you save by forsaking the car in favour of the bicycle? This can be computed accurately by the Fietscalculator.
09-11-2009 Since free parking was introduced in Amsterdam as of April 1, 2008 the use has exploded. The so-called Fietspunt parkings have seen occupancy doubled at some times.
02-11-2009 Fietsberaad has commissioned Goudappel Coffeng consultants to develop the Fietsparkeertool. This is a website module that easily allows the calculation of the number of bicycle parking places needed at for instance a supermarket, school or an office building.
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