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News overview 2009

27-10-2009 A bicycle locker for approximately 300 Euro. Or a closed bicycle shed for a dozen bicycles for less than 2000 Euro. These are the prices that are used to get employers to invest in bicycle facilities in the Belgian town of Hasselt.
20-10-2009 Can chaotic cyclists be caught in a traffic model? In London a brave attempt has been made anyhow, with reasonable success. The need for this becomes more pressing as the number of cyclists in the English capital is growing rapidly.
13-10-2009 No room for showers or a bike shed in the company? The Green Pod invalidates all excuses. In the space where usually a single car is parked, Green Pod provides a ready-made solution in the form of a combination shower/parking unit.
06-10-2009 PRESTO is a new European project to promote bicycle use. With a budget of 1.9 million Euro a number of European cities, in co-operation with the European bicycle organisation ECF and the bicycle industry, will develop a programme to promote bicycles as daily transport over short distances.
29-09-2009 Albert Heijn, the Dutch supermarket chain, has introduced the first Albert Heijn bicycle trailer in Apeldoorn. The so-called iShop may be used inside the shop as a shopping cart and can be clipped onto the luggage carrier, once outside.
22-09-2009 A wildlife overpass that came into service three years ago in the Veluwe nature reserve is an overwhelming success, according to Alterra scientists. Shared use of the overpass by cyclists does not appear to interfere with wildlife as yet.
15-09-2009 In Dalfsen young students have meticulously mapped their routes to school by GPS. The regional traffic safety agency (ROV Overijssel) intends to use these data in developing traffic safety programs. Provincial authorities can use the data in the reconstruction of the dangerous Zwolle-Ommen road.
08-09-2009 A cycling practice ground near school with trendy cycles and famous people cycling as role models. Some of the suggestions provided by students of Hogeschool Windesheim to increase the percentage of cycling in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.
01-09-2009 Owing to their high maintenance costs many shell paths are currently being converted into concrete bike paths. Experiments in Drenthe and Zoetermeer show crushed concrete is a reasonably good alternative.
24-08-2009 When it is cold and rainy cyclists will be favoured with longer green lights in several locations in Brabant. Provincial authorities have decided to implement the positive results of an experiment in Grave.
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