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News overview 2009

17-08-2009 As a means of transport in cities bicycles have a better image than cars. Most inhabitants of medium-sized cities (65 per cent) feel they would reach the town centre faster by bicycle. In addition a majority feel terms like ‘sense of freedom’, ‘fun’, ‘relaxed’ and ‘relaxing’ are more appropriate to cycling than to driving a car. On the other hand most inhabitants feel cycling is somewhat more dangerous and particularly more taxing than driving a car to the town centre.
10-08-2009 A hedge along the road does result in slightly lower levels of harmful materials inhaled by cyclists, but does not really contribute much, according to a TNO study.
04-08-2009 In Rotterdam electric bikes and scooters may be charged by means of the OV- chipkaart, the Dutch public transport pass. The first charging station providing this service has opened in the guarded bicycle parking facility on the Rotterdam Meent.
31-07-2009 In some countries some people still get very aggressive because of cyclists... Read this and shiver...
28-07-2009 Allow bikes to be taken along on bus and tram in the countryside outside peak hours. In urban areas it is better to focus on bike rental system. This is the conclusion of the Belgian union of public transport users after a world-wide inventory of such schemes.
21-07-2009 In May the sales figures of electric bikes in the Netherlands equalled that of the until then largest segment of city bikes for the first time in history, according to recent sales statistics of GfK Retail and Technology.
12-07-2009 An ingenious admittance system ensures the new free bicycle parking facility Stadserf in Almelo is only accessible to cyclists.
06-07-2009 Villo! is the name of the new rental bike system in Brussels. At 180 train stations 2500 bicycles should be available shortly.
22-06-2009 The bicycle routes between Rotterdam and Delft and between Zoetermeer and Den Haag have been upgraded in order to attract more commuting cyclists. This was part of the Fiets Filevrij campaign of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, encompassing eight routes overall.
22-06-2009 A synthetic bench with a semi-sunk bicycle parking facility. This design won first prize in a design competition organised by a manufacturer of synthetic products.
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