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News overview 2009

15-06-2009 The German city of Mannheim is introducing a demolition bonus for bicycles. Unlike cars, the bicycles will not be shredded, but restored.
08-06-2009 Over 28,000 people work in the Gent harbour area, among others at Volvo Cars and Arcelor Mittal. A mere 9 per cent cycle to work at the moment. That number should increase, according to harbour authorities and the Flemish Minister for Mobility, Kathleen Van Brempt.
01-06-2009 Annually over 50 per cent of the Dutch population (which means over 8.5 million people) make a recreational cycling trip. This results in over 200 million cycling trips of one hour or more and approximately 750 million Euro in expenses en route, reports Stichting Landelijk Fietsplatform.
25-05-2009 The German Nextbike rental system is gaining ground in Germany and Austria. The system is set-up simpler than for instance Vélib in Paris, and therefore cheaper to operate. It is currently in operation in several dozen cities.
19-05-2009 The minor road N302 in Harderwijk will soon be overhauled completely. A bicycle transfer point is provided for motorists willing to cycle the last stretch to work during construction operations. In addition they will be provided with a free bicycle.
13-05-2009 For more than a century Denmark has been a country of cyclists. Today, Denmark is a cycling laboratory where new trends and ideas are combined with knowledge gained through years of experience. A new website gives more information.
10-05-2009 The Paris bicycle rental project Vélib is set to expand with another 300 stations and 300 bicycles. That will bring the total to 21,000 bicycles. The vandalism will be tackled by developing a new bicycle.
20-04-2009 Rental bikes successful in Barcelona Over twice the number of subscriptions forecast and it generates jobs as well. The rental bike project in Barcelona appears to be a resounding success after two years’ operation.
13-04-2009 The "Bike City" in Vienna is a housing estate which targets the special needs of cyclists. Specific features are e.g. extra-large elevators, a bike-service-centre as well as secured bicycle parking spaces. But also limited parking spaces for private cars are characteristic for the Bike-City.
05-04-2009 Rotterdam local authorities will provide their own employees with several dozen electric bicycles. This is the start of a project to station electric bicycles with major Rotterdam employers over the next two years.
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