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News overview 2009

28-01-2009 Both in the Netherlands and abroad increasing numbers of roads are being designed in accordance with the Shared Space philosophy. Recent publications demonstrate that some dozen towns in the Netherlands are using or considering Shared Space. In the rest of Europe the design philosophy is gaining adherents as well.
22-01-2009 The bicycle is the means of transport used most often in Amsterdam. Over the period 2005-2007 inhabitants of Amsterdam used their bikes on average 0.87 times a day, compared to 0.84 for their cars. This is the first time that bicycle use exceeds car use.
19-01-2009 Working in agriculture? There is a good chance that you cycle to work. Unlike people in public utilities who use their bikes less often. These and other remarkable conclusions can be drawn from research by TU Delft.
13-01-2009 The Dutch are very highly appreciative of the car and the bicycle; 86% and 84% give a positive score respectively. Public transport is less highly appreciated: 51% give a negative score, while 26% give a positive score. The more often people travel by car, bicycle and public transport, the more positive their view of it. That is particularly the case for public transport.
05-01-2009 Getting young people ages 12-17 to move sufficiently is one of the major challenges for the near future. The majority of youths doesn’t mind moving more. But converting the intention into action seems to be a bridge too far. Infrastructure for an active lifestyle (bike paths, pavements, playgrounds, sports centres) could do with improvements. And traffic volumes and the ensuing danger impede a physically active school commute, states TNO in 'Trendrapport Bewegen en Gezondheid 2006/2007'.
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