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News overview 2010

29-12-2010 The number of electric bikes in China is exploding and so is the number of traffic casualties among their users. A study in the Chinese city of Hangzhou shows that the number of fatalities among electric bikes has sextupled over four years.
20-12-2010 In the German town of Flensburg a new warning system for blind-corner accidents is being tested. A flashing light warns car drivers making a right turn when cyclists are approaching from behind.
13-12-2010 The evidence that cycling is good for your health is piling up. Recently a publication in the American Journal of Public Health has underlined this: the more trips on foot or by bicycle, the lower the number of obese people.
06-12-2010 Quite a number of bicycles fit onto a car parking space, as revealed by this demonstration – with folding bicycles. The GroenLinks political party, part of the Amsterdam council, feels that more often parking spaces should be adapted to use by bicycles, if necessary part-time only at busy locations in the country’s capital .
29-11-2010 How to transform a multi-storey parking garage into a bicycle parking – in Breda the basement of the Concordia garage has had a complete makeover. Not only by the placement of bicycle stands, but the grey concrete was transformed by colourful furnishings with pictures referring to the town’s history. The new bicycle parking provides room for 420 bicycles.
23-11-2010 In Austria supermarket chain Spar has provided its branches of bicycle with bicycle stands, in cooperation with Vienna local authorities. This concerned 650 bicycle parking spaces overall. In addition a number of branches will be provided with charger facilities for electric bikes.
18-11-2010 This summer, on the eve of the Tour de France start in Rotterdam, some 500 first-grade students of seven secondary schools participated in a four-week competition to cycle the highest number of kilometres. Ultimately they covered 54,000 kilometres.
15-11-2010 Recently Dutch bike experts have paid a visit to four cities in Canada and the US to debate and explain opportunities to increase bicycle use there. They received a warm welcome.
10-11-2010 As of 2012 new residences in France are to be equipped with a covered or safe place to park a bicycle. Charge facilities for electric bicycles will be required as well.
08-11-2010 'Radlstar' is the name of the contemporary campaign conducted by Munich local authorities to provide a more ‘cool’ image to cycling. Cyclists could have their picture taken by a professional photographer and the public was to choose the winner. And nice prizes were to be won in doing so.
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