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News overview 2011

31-12-2011 Meter posts are growing more beautiful. The latest not only show the number of passing cyclists, but also their speed and travel time. Road maintenance authorities intend the meter posts to demonstrate that cyclists do matter.
30-12-2011 Removing abandoned bicycles is higher on the agenda of local authorities. These are bicycles that have been parked in streets for a long time without being used, often taking up parking spaces needlessly. Towns like Utrecht, 's-Hertogenbosch, Haarlem and Tilburg are investing heavily in flyers and abandoned bicycles are being forcibly removed in order to upgrade the attractiveness of public space or to provide room for other bicycles.
23-12-2011 Of the 91 minutes of travel time spent by the Dutch each day, 17 minutes (19%) are spent cycling. The neighbouring Belgians and Germans spend on average a mere 5 minutes a day cycling, as data by Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau reveal.
19-12-2011 Approximately 7 per cent of European traffic casualties are cyclists. There are many traditional measures conceivable to help prevent accidents involving cyclists. The SAFECYCLE project studies how IT applications may be used to improve traffic safety for cyclists.
12-12-2011 Recently a new bicycle parking facility has opened in Zaandam. A remarkable design where bicycles can be parked free of charge.
05-12-2011 This summer a new bicycle parking facility at Arnhem train station came into operation. The facility with a transparent, modern design provides room for over 2,200 bicycles. For the first time different rates are used, ranging from free of charge to double charge for a private parking space.
28-11-2011  ‘Tomorrow good cycling weather!’ Employers might consider sending such an e-mail message to their employees to promote commuting by bicycle. This is one of the recommendations from the Ph.D. thesis of Eva Heinen from TU Delft about commuting by bicycle.
21-11-2011 The World Health Organisation WHO has developed a tool to calculate the economic benefits of cycling as a consequence of better health. 
14-11-2011 Half of all journeys in town serve to transport goods, a third of which concerns light-weight items. The potential for a freight bicycle is therefore great. A new European project focuses on this need.
07-11-2011 In London two new cycle superhighways across town have been put into use. The number of cyclists has greatly increased on the two routes opened last summer.
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