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News overview 2012

27-12-2012 This is what the design for four new pedestrian and cyclist tunnels in the city of Leeuwarden looks like. The design is part of the municipality's Master Plan for art which will deploy about 20 artworks. A different artist will be selected for every port of entry to town.
24-12-2012 Cyclists from around Brussels and Gent can use a new App to rate the bike paths on their way to work as well as to report bottlenecks. All cyclists can tap into this information, e.g. to adapt their cycling route accordingly.
20-12-2012 A special Bike Crash Airbag was successfully demonstrated at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. This airbag is the result of research commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and the Dutch Cyclists' Union in order to improve the traffic safety of vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.
17-12-2012 In the city of Groningen, new traffic lights are fitted with a rain sensor. The sensor equiped lights will grant cyclists a passage more frequently in rain or snow. This was decided following the positive evaluation of a trial.
13-12-2012 Bike the Track / Track the Bike is an EU project designed to stimulate children to ride their bikes to the sports club, cinema, or theatre. They are tracked with GPS and are awarded points accordingly.
10-12-2012 The Kennisplatform Verkeer en Vervoer [Transport Knowledge Resource Centre] analysed the potential of the pedelec for commuting to all major cities in the Netherlands. Certain locations can expect a 20% increase in cycling due to the advent of bicycles with electric support.
06-12-2012 Many municipalities with a structured approach to abandoned bicycles are pleased with the results. Enforcement has freed up a significant amount of space in bike parking facilities. The municipality of Haarlemmermeer has in this way removed 800 abandoned bikes last year while Enschede removed 1600 during the first half year of the project. As result 39% of the bike parking facility at Enschede train station was freed up.
03-12-2012 Winter slipperiness is an important reason for single bicycle accidents. In order to better combat slippery conditions on bike paths, Fietsberaad has had the website [slipperybikepaths] developed. Zaanstad is the first city to take advantage the website.
29-11-2012 With Cyclodeo, cyclists in Brabant can themselves promote cycling in the province of Brabant by filming their own bike tour and placing it on the Internet.
27-11-2012 In Holland, about 5% of the men and 8% of the women own an electric bike. Four out of ten electric bike owners are over 65.
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