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News overview 2013

31-10-2013 Pay attention to the traffic and not the smartphone: this is the message given by the publicity campaign that has just been launched. This also applies to cyclists.
28-10-2013 The residents of 8 municipalities in the province of North Brabant can report hazardous spots on bike paths via the special website. They can view the reports made by other cyclists and also, if they so wish, endorse these reports by voting for them. Based on the reports, the municipality can judge which bottlenecks need urgent treatment. Other municipalities can also use the website.
24-10-2013 An unusual bike roundabout has been recently put to use in Zwolle. Bicycles can use it all the way, cars only partial.
21-10-2013 There is not enough information to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of bicycle lighting when cycling in the dark. This is what SWOV purports in a new fact sheet entitled 'How dangerous is cycling in the dark?' Opinions are divided, but according to research done by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, the effect is demonstrable.
17-10-2013 Research conducted by the University of Newcastle shows that the number of bicycle thefts went down by more than half after posters with peering eyes were hung up.
14-10-2013 About 50,000 secondary school students cycle every morning to school in the province of Overijssel. The Fiets4Safe project was launched as a result of the fact the young cyclists often underestimate the risks of dangerous behaviour.
08-10-2013 The cycling helmet drastically reduces the chance of serious brain damage during an accident. But it appears from Canadian research that making them compulsory yields little benefit.
04-10-2013 New Yorker Clarence Eckerson, Jr. has a passion for making videos about traffic, and he too marvels at Amsterdam cyclists.
01-10-2013 Whether it will become a success in the Netherlands remains to be seen
30-09-2013 The province of Flevoland has launched a pilot project to determine if the victims of a traffic accident can be asked to personally register the details of the incident. The pilot gathers data provided by the victims during their treatment at the Accident & Emergency Rooms.
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