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News overview 2014

01-12-2014 Utrecht, the fourth city of the Netherlands, has a historic city centre and is also a bicycle city. Utrecht has a passion for cycling, which is why it competed to be the start of the most famous bicycle race in the world. 
21-11-2014 This theme was picked by the Dutch Cyclists' Union to highlight the financial and other benefits of cycling. 
30-10-2014 In some places, positive results have been obtained by allowing speed riders to use the main roadway instead of the bicycle track. This is the outcome of a pilot project undertaken, in conjunction with the Dutch Cyclists' Union, by the council of Franekeradeel in the Dutch towns Franeker and Ried. 
23-10-2014 Since 2004, cycling in the Netherlands has increased by 6,5%. The main reason is the growth of the population and the number of cyclists. The use of e-bikes means people are cycling longer distances.
22-10-2014 Velocity, held annually, is the biggest bicycle conference in the world. In uneven years it is held in Europe, in even years in one of the other continents. Between 1,500 and 1,700 participants are expected from all over the world. 
20-10-2014 All bicycle lanes in the 'inside ring' in Amsterdam will be coloured red, to make them more easily recognisable for cyclists. 
13-10-2014 The federation of Dutch Transport and Logistics employers, is hoping that the introduction of a blind spot sticker will help reduce the number of accidents involving trucks turning right or left. 
28-09-2014 On 12 November, the Van Gogh - Roosegaarde bicycle track was opened for use in the city of Eindhoven. The inauguration of this unique bicycle track also marks the start of a series of activities, lasting throughout 2015, in commemoration of the painter Van Gogh. 
29-07-2014 In a short documentary called Mama Agatha follows a cycling course for migrant women in Amsterdam. The main objective of the film is to show people that something as simple as a cycling course can have a major impact on peoples' lives and radically improve their mobility -  not only physically, but also socially.
28-07-2014 An interactive map produced by the Rotterdam police, using 'open data' statistics.
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