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News overview 2015

20-07-2015 Commissioned by the Asian Development Bank, two Dutch engineering consultancies, Royal HaskoningDHV and Ecofys, have formulated a bicycle policy (including the necessary support measures) to improve cycling conditions in Beijng capital city of China.
24-06-2015 How much would you save by replacing a car or a delivery van by an e-cargobike?
22-06-2015 As a result of their cycling culture, citizens of the Netherlands live, on average, half a year longer than non-cycling citizens elsewhere in the world. And cycling leads to 11,000 fewer deaths per year.
18-06-2015 The name Tour de Force for the 2015-2020 Bicycle Agenda  was of course inspired by the start of this year's Tour de France, which took place in the Netherlands.
11-06-2015 In June, the town of Houten implemented a new system of directional signs for cyclists. The system finds its inspiration in subway (metro) maps.
02-06-2015 The city of Utrecht has implemented the world's first P-route system for cyclists. Digital road displays show cyclists parking space is still available.
10-04-2015 The city of Delft has a new railway station, which includes of course a new underground bicycle parking with space for 5,000 bicycles. 
30-03-2015 An almost real-life demonstration shows how special sensors can be used to warn drivers of cyclists suddenly and unexpectedly crossing the road.
13-03-2015 According to Mister Tom de Bruijn, aldermen responsible for traffic in the city of The Hague, the shortage of bicycle parking space in the centre of the city will soon be resolved.
18-02-2015 A big underground bicycle parking is planned on the south of Amsterdam Central Station, with place for 7,000 bicycles. 
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