Amsterdam colours its bicycle lanes red

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:20-10-2014

All bicycle lanes in the &'inside ring&' in Amsterdam will be coloured red, to make them more easily recognisable for cyclists.&

At the moment, parts of this busy bicycle route lack a clearly marked red lane. Therefor the bicycle lanes will be coloured red to make them more visible and to provide cyclists with more safety on the road. The roles of cyclists and car drivers will be reversed, with the car now being a guest in bicycle territory.

This decision is a prelude to the construction of ‘Plusnet Fiets’ for Amsterdam’s main bicycle routes. Plusnet aims to provide cyclists with plenty of space and preferential treatment as well as better facilities at traffic lights.

Outside the city centre, most of the bicycle lanes in the regional network already meet the Plusnet requirements. In the busy city centre, it is more difficult to achieve these objectives. Red tarmac on the inner city bicycle lanes is a step forward to making cycling better and more comfortable.

At the end of October, 1.8 kilometres of red tarmac had been added to inner city bicycle lanes, bringing the total of red bicycle lanes to 11.3 kilometres at the end of the year. The aim is to reach 15 kilometres in 2016. There are 50 kilometres of unsegregated bike lanes.

Colouring these bicycle lanes red is one of the measures included in the city’s longer term Bicycle Plan. The measures have the short-term objective of making cycling in the city safer and more fun. Car drivers are less inclined to drive or park on bicycle lanes if these are coloured red.  At crossroads, the red colour together with the clear marking will emphasise that priority is given to cyclists.


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Amsterdam colours its bicycle lanes red

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