Apeldoorn first with Dutch bicycle meter post

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:26-09-2008

Following cities like Stockholm, Kristianstad, Odense and Bolzano, the Netherlands now has the first bicycle meter post as well. The Apeldoorn meter indicates the number of bicycles that pass each day as well as the overall annual number.

The meter in the Italian town of Bolzano counted 1 million cyclists in two directions within the space of six months. Whoever guesses how many cyclists will be passing the post in Apeldoorn may win a trip to Copenhagen. The device originally hails from Denmark, where a comparable meter has already been in operation in the town of Odense for several years.
The idea is to demonstrate that local authorities take cycling seriously. 'We want to show that cyclists contribute substantially to the solution of urban traffic problems', according to Bolzano authorities. Apeldoorn, too, intends to show that 'every cyclist counts'. 'Cyclists contribute to a healthy local environment and an accessible town centre. If local authorities have anything to do with it, their numbers will steadily increase. We therefore intend to make cycling more fun', say authorities in Apeldoorn. In addition the meter provides the town with an idea of the number of cyclists that use one of the principal cycling routes to and from the town centre each day. At midnight the meter is reset to 0 and starts counting again.


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Apeldoorn first with Dutch bicycle meter post

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