Bicycle pillar of Utrecht Air Quality plan

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:02-11-2008

The bicycle is to be one of the pillars of Utrecht traffic policy, as demonstrated by the local Action Plan Air Quality Utrecht 2008. Upgrading of the major cycling network will be accelerated and circulation on bicycle routes will be improved. Over the next 20 years 55 million Euro will be invested in cycling.

The Action Plan Air Quality Utrecht 2008 encompasses a drastic set of measures and an investment programme of many years in order to improve air quality in Utrecht. This is necessary to meet European standards. The stated aim for cycling is to maintain between 2006 and 2020 at least the current relatively high percentage of 60% bicycle use and if possible improve on this. On the basis of a bottleneck analysis Utrecht will decide on a series of measures to improve circulation of bicycles and reduce waiting times for cyclists at traffic lights.
One of the issues is removing missing links in the main cycling network. Signposting in this main cycling network will be improved as well. In addition the number of guarded bicycle parking facilities in the town centre and pre-war neighbourhoods is to be increased.
A long-range bicycle parking plan 2009-2012 will be drawn up to provide several thousand extra parking spaces, particularly in the town centre. And in the immediate vicinity of the central station another 22,000 extra bicycle parking spots will be effected.
All Park & Ride facilities will moreover be provided with rental bikes. In the near future Utrecht also intends to stimulate electric bicycles and to study the feasibility of a rental bike system comparable to those in Lyon and Paris. And a permanent behavioural campaign is to entice people into leaving their cars more often in favour of bicycles and public transport.


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Bicycle pillar of Utrecht Air Quality plan

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