Crowdsourcing to clarify cyclists’ wishes

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:15-06-2010

Crowdsourcing, the principle of users coming up with ideas for solutions, is gaining ground within cycling policy as well. Following Utrecht and Amsterdam, Groningen too intends to ask cyclists how parking facilities may be improved.

Recently Utrecht held a competition 'Where do I leave my bike?' Everyone, resident or not, could enter the competition. The idea was to generate creative ideas that might be of help in the municipal attempts to tackle the gigantic shortage of bicycle parking places in the town centre. From almost 200 entries winners have by now been selected. Remarkable facts: some entries were family-efforts, the youngest entrant was 12 years old and apart from numerous local entries ideas were sent in from all over the country, even from abroad (Belgium).
The Groningen traffic alderman, in his turn, is now requesting his residents’ assistance in solving the bicycle problems at the railway station. According to local authorities it is impossible to keep up with the demand for parking places at that location. Residents with good ideas on solving this problem are encouraged to mail or write to local authorities.
Amsterdam authorities, too, are asking outsiders to help solve bicycle parking problems. Entries must meet, among others, the following criteria: the solution must be user-friendly, feasible and within financial constraints and it should match the creative image of Amsterdam.


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Crowdsourcing to clarify cyclists’ wishes

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