Fietsparkeertool calculates demand for bicycle parking

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:02-11-2009

Fietsberaad has commissioned Goudappel Coffeng consultants to develop the Fietsparkeertool. This is a website module that easily allows the calculation of the number of bicycle parking places needed at for instance a supermarket, school or an office building.

All the user has to do is enter the type of function, the location and the size of the function. The size of the function may also be expressed in various units. For instance in square metres of sales surface or the number of checkouts at a supermarket. Fietsparkeertool - for the time being only in Dutch - is part of a study intended to result in new index data for bicycle parking. The preliminary index data have been incorporated in the tool. In order to obtain new index data, two tracks are being used. On the one hand the demand for bicycle parking places is determined on the basis of general data about the function, such as number of visitors, representative time and modal split. This is comparable to the approach in car parking calculations. On the other hand a large amounts of counts have been executed this spring. In order to fine-tune the index data for as many functions as possible, a great deal of additional counts are necessary, however. To that purpose Fietsparkeertool also provides the opportunity to enter own counts. The user may immediately compare his own counts with the recommended number of bicycle parking spaces according to the index data.
Fietsberaad calls on professionals to execute as many counts as possible in their own surroundings. The definitive bicycle parking index data will be included in a revision of the CROW manual Fietsparkeren.


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Fietsparkeertool calculates demand for bicycle parking

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