Flemish cycle speed route increases access range for cycling commuters

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:28-03-2013

The average distance travelled by the bicycling commuter along the fast cycling route between Leuven, Brussels, and the airport region is 18 km. This is considerably more than the maximum distance was assumed to be.

The data come from a survey conducted by the province of Flemish-Brabant (Belguim). Through counts and interviews it provides a picture of the users of the cycling route. The roughly 31 km non-stop cycling route runs parallel to the high speed railway line through several communities, passing by several railroad stations and connecting to the cycling route network of the Brussels Metropolitan Area. In 2011 the provincial Mobility Service started a pilot project to find out how one could get an accurate picture of cycling traffic by means of automated counts. Counting was done by both mobile and stationary counting stations. Passing bicyclists were not only counted, but also types of bikes were distinguished based on the distance between the wheel-axles, such as children's bikes, pupils‘ and adults’ bikes as well as mopeds. The volumes of functional and recreational cycle traffic were computed on the basis of an assumed ratio between these. One of the conclusions is that the range of the bicycling commuter is considerable: the average is 18,71 km. The majority of those interviewed travel more than 10 km. In fact, 44,4% of the respondents travel more than 20 km. The average calculated speed was high too: 24 km/hour being predominant. The fast cycling route is considered attractive mainly because it is car-free, quiet and comfortable. Width and comfort appeal to cyclists. In addition to being able to assess the usage of the route as such, the researchers expect to be able to measure the effect of signage for cyclists as well.


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Flemish cycle speed route increases access range for cycling commuters

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