Google introduces bike planner in USA

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:04-05-2010

In the United States Google Maps has launched a service to plan bicycle routes. For 150 towns the cycling network has already been mapped. In view of the fact that the directions are, from the very start, also available in Dutch, it does not seem unlikely Google will launch a bike planner in the Netherlands as well.

The American bike planner ( offers several options to cyclists. In dark green routes along separate bike paths are outlined. Light green indicates routes bicycle lanes and a green dotted lines means there are no particular bicycle provisions but that traffic intensities do allow cycling.
According to Google the planner contains 12000 km of cycling routes and 150 cities. The 'trails' have been entered in cooperation with the organisation Rails-to-Trails. In addition the maps provide a number of characteristic Google features. They may for example be combined with Streetview, allowing a virtual bike tour ahead of reality. Google also encourages cyclists to report improvements.


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Google introduces bike planner in USA

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