Individual cycling paths for everyone

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  • Datum:06-09-2012

&A rear-view camera or individually laser-lit cycling paths: these are among the e-safety applications that Dutch and European experts have labelled as “promising”.

In the context of the European SAFECYCLE project, research was done into applications that could help cyclists avoid accidents or at least minimize their consequences. Thirty-three experts from ten different countries, specialized in cycling, traffic safety, or ICT, assessed tens of projects. The 11 most promising projects, according to the experts, were the following:

An airbag at the front of a car designed to protect cyclists during a collision. In development by TNO in Holland.
Individual Speed Adaptation
Also known as ISA, a system which automatically limits the maximum speed of automobiles.
Countdown Traffic Light
A counter indicating when a traffic light will turn green.
Light Lane Bicycle
A device to project one's own path onto the cycling lane.
A rear-view camera for bicycles.
A system to warn lorry drivers of cyclists in the blind spot.
Traffic Eye Zurich
The traffic light system which favours cyclists with a head start when it detects their presence.
Bicycle Braking Light
Fitting brake lights onto bikes, similar to those on cars.
Gent Route planner
A planner that selects safe routes for cyclists.
Citizens Connect
This app allows cyclists to report problems to the road authorities.
The full report with SWOT analyses and fact sheets for the 30 applications is available at


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Individual cycling paths for everyone

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