Inspiration book for rapid cycling routes

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  • Datum:11-03-2014

There are currently over 25 rapid cycling routes in the Netherlands, with plans for an additional 600 km. The knowledge and experience gained so far has been compiled into a new CROW publication: Inspiration book for rapid cycling routes.

During the construction of the first rapid cycling routes it became clear that you cannot simply apply the quality guidelines from the 'Design manual for bicycle traffic'. Specifically for rapid cycling routes, in addition to the technical design, attention must be paid to the process of collaboration and communication that is required to succesfully complete these routes.
The "Inspiration book for rapid cycling routes" elaborates on this in greater detail.
Although the construction of a bicycle highway is less complex than the construction of major roads or a railway lines, it is not as easy as it might appear. The realization of a rapid cycle route requires the involvement of many stakeholders: governments, citizens, interest groups, businesses, etc..

Additionally, a rapid cycle route involves various specialists within the local government. For example, besides traffic engineers, urban planners are also interested in this concept.
The five main requirements for cycling infrastructure also apply to rapid cycling routes: Consistency, directness, attractiveness, safety and comfort. But obviously a fast cycle route requires a little extra. When it comes to attractiveness, safety and comfort, the bar is set higher. A rapid cycle route can also be a structuring element in the planning of spatial development. This aspect requires extra attention.
Finally, all of this should lead to a definitive design. And that requires special attention, given the fact that - now and in the future - more faster vehicles will use these rapid cycle routes.
Communication is an essential part of a rapid cycle route. A unified approach on rapid cycle routes requires a single, consistent road profile. The message should be clear, consistent and recognizable: a common thread in all forms of communication.
The publication that describes all this is not only aimed at designers, but also at spatial and urban planners, policy makers, mobility managers, politicians, communications staff and consultants.
The publication has been made possible by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in the context of the Green Deal 'Bicycle commuting'. The Green Deal was signed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the RAI Association, Bovag, ANWB, Natuur & Milieu (Foundation for Nature and the Environment) and the Dutch Cyclists' Union. The publication can be ordered through the CROW website.


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Inspiration book for rapid cycling routes

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