Leiden lays emphasis on commuting

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:13-05-2013

The municipality of Leiden will invest in commuting in the coming years since that yields the greatest benefits.

The municipality of Leiden (over 100,000 inhabitants) wants to realise a 10% increase in cycling. Counts, surveys and model-based calculations reveal that most cycling in Leiden occurs over short distances, thus providing scope for improvements in long-distance cycling. Leiden will spend the coming years boosting the quality of the main cycling routes with priority being given to commuting routes. The electric bicycle extends the cycling radius – according to calculations – to 17 kilometres, which brings surrounding municipalities such as The Hague, Alphen, Noordwijk, and Zoetermeer in the picture. Bottlenecks on these routes which restrict or hinder the travelling time, comfort, and route expediency, will be tackled with priority.
New connections, quality of the road surface, delays at traffic lights, and the quality of signposting come to mind as items to address. The emphasis on the cycling commuter also influences cycling policy; for instance, if a new cycling route does not adjoin a busy road, motorists who may wish to cycle now and then may not learn about this alternative. For this reason, promotion must be done in cooperation with the other municipalities.


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Leiden lays emphasis on commuting

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