Much interest in cycling training elderly in Zwolle

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:08-12-2009

There is a great demand for cycling proficiency training for the elderly in Zwolle, as demonstrated by the number of applications for the course ‘Fietsen zonder Zorgen&' (Carefree Cycling): 250 people wanted to participate.

The interest was so great that a number of prospective participants will not be able to follow the course until next spring, when weather conditions will be more favourable.
This year some 130 elderly people are brushing up their cycling skills in theory and actual practice. The programme Fietsen zonder zorgen consists of a morning and afternoon session. In the morning attention is paid to traffic regulations and signs, among other things by means of real-life traffic situations. In the afternoon participants, on their own bicycles, will complete an exercise round, under supervision, to practice quickness of response, balance and agility. A specialist checks to see the bicycles of participants are well adjusted. In addition the elderly get practical advice on how to move more safely in traffic.
The training is organised by Veilig Verkeer Nederland. The province and Zwolle local authorities provide financial support, participants pay a 5 Euro contribution.


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Much interest in cycling training elderly in Zwolle

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