Name bike routes to rural areas

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:29-04-2013

By naming bike routes that lead to rural areas you etch them into the “mental map” of potential cyclists. Also some artwork along the route would intensify its identity. If more people know about a route, it will be used more frequently.

This is one of the recommendations provided in the “Recreational city-to-rural connections” brochure issued by the province of South Holland. The (Dutch) brochure has tips to encourage the use of cycling routes connecting cities to rural areas. During the last few years many roads to natural and recreational areas were built, but it seems they haven’t been optimally used. To augment their use road authorities could create a “rural feeling” for the cyclists already within the city - for instance by decorating the route with greenery. Information panels describing the cycle routes and the surroundings, as well as public rest and play areas and benches to relax, will boost the appeal of the routes. Of course security must be considered. Social safety can be improved by adequate illumination and if, necessary, the removal of obstructing vegetation where appropriate. The removal of unnecessary bollards and drains in the road will also help to make a route more attractive for cyclists. Crossings can be improved using clear road markings or traffic lights.


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Name bike routes to rural areas

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