Rio de Janeiro becomes cycling city with assistance of the Dutch Cycling Embassy

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:02-06-2012

Through efforts of the Netherlands cycling gets visibility and strategic significance at the UN summit on sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012. Worldwide, more and more cities give priority to cycling and public transport to promote mobility and reduce emissions. The Netherlands are globally seen and recognized as the inspiring example for cycling.

Host city Rio de Janeiro has developed her ambition as cycling city with assistance of the Dutch Cycling Embassy. The Embassy calculates the impact on social progress and emission reduction. Secretary of state Joop Atsma will hand over the results during the summit at the 20th of June to the deputy major Carlos Muniz of Rio de Janeiro. UN secretary-general Ban Khi-Moon will give the go-ahead for a cycling tour of UN ambassadors at the 8th of June in New York. The cycling tour is a Dutch initiative in preparation of the UN summit. Authorities of UN-organizations, development banks and numerous other international organizations will participate the cycling tour.
Rio the Janeiro and Dutch Cycling Embassy agreed last September to jointly determine the way cycling can develop in the city. The local government selected as promising scenario’s facilities combining the use of bicycle and train, cycling route networks and an area-wide approach for cycling facilities. The effects on usage of bicycles and her contribution to sustainable development are now explored. These calculations will be financed by the Ministery of Infrastructure and Environment.
The Dutch initiative triggered the UN and international organizations to a pre-meeting in New York to set up an agenda for sustainable transport for the next five years. UN secretary general Ban Khi-Moon requested a plan of action, composed by sectors in conveyance of passengers and conveyance of goods. The Dutch Cycling Embassy is invited to be the coordinator for a cycling program. The international federations in public transport will set up a program for bus and train transport. The FIA foundation invests in a program for traffic safety and the development banks will be lending tens of millions of Euro’s to sustainable transport. Other subprograms concern new fuel standards, transfer of knowledge, cargo transportation and ITS.


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Rio de Janeiro becomes cycling city with assistance of the Dutch Cycling Embassy

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