Rotterdam first with green LED wave for cyclists

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:23-03-2010

Rotterdam will be the first town to have a green LED wave for cyclists. At Schieweg lights in the road will indicate which speed cyclists should maintain in order to pass traffic lights without having to stop.

Green waves are regularly used to improve the flow of car traffic. Since 2007 there is also a green wave for cyclists at Raadhuisstraat in Amsterdam (see Examples bank at At a constant cycling speed of 18 kilometres an hour cyclists meet 11 consecutive green traffic lights. The Rotterdam system differs however, as cyclists are also informed of the speed required to pass the next traffic light without stopping. The system – called Evergreen – has been devised by DTV Consultants, inspired by experiences in Odense (Denmark), which was the first in the world. Evergreen consists of LED lights in the road, every five metres, starting at a distance of a few hundred metres in front of the traffic light. The LEDs display green blocks and any cyclist riding within a green block is guaranteed unhindered passage at the next traffic light. The green LED’s nearest the traffic light appear more slowly than those farther away, so cyclists near the light are slowed down a little and those at the back are speeded up. At Schieweg in Rotterdam initially a single traffic light – at the Bergselaan intersection – will be equipped with this system. Work is scheduled to be finished before summer. This summer the Tour de France will start in Rotterdam and local authorities will use this occasion to promote cycling. The green-wave system is to generate extra publicity for this campaign, it is hoped. The formal official decision process is not yet completed and in addition there are still some studies being conducted to ensure the system meets all technical requirements.


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Rotterdam first with green LED wave for cyclists

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