Safer Cycling Advocate Program - Best Practice Guide

  • Soort:Brochure/flyer
  • Auteur:Ceri Woolsgrove & James Armstrong (ECF)
  • Uitgever:European Cyclists' Federation (ECF)
  • Datum:16-03-2020
The Safer Cycling Advocate Program’s Best Practice Guide contains a list of positive measures that can be adopted to promote cycling and cycling safety. It is based on the experiences of the Netherlands and Denmark, two countries that have developed significant expertise in the field of cycling safety.


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  • Written in cooperation between the European Cyclists’ Federation, the Fietsersbond (the Dutch
    Cyclists‘ Union) and the Cyklistforbundet, (the Danish Cyclists’ Federation), this guide seeks to collate
    and advocate for the adoption of best practice measures regarding road user behaviour, infrastructure
    design, safe vehicles and the management of road infrastructure. Whilst non-exhaustive, a wide variety
    of topics are covered, representing the areas most relevant to policymakers, safety campaigners and
    anyone with an interest in improving road user safety.

    While car occupant fatalities have dropped by 50% over the past ten years, cycling fatalities have
    stalled at around 25% as a total of all fatalities and have even increased slightly over some time
    periods (in 2014 for example). This means that whilst Europe has made good progress generally in
    reducing cycling fatalities, they are not keeping pace with fatality reductions in other transport modes.


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Safer Cycling Advocate Program - Best Practice Guide

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