Seniors practice riding the electric bike

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:30-07-2012

Seniors can take part in special electric bike training sessions in a growing number of locations in the Netherlands. These sessions cover traffic rules and information about the e-bike as well as practicing one&'s cycling skills.

Part of the training allows one to experience the possibilities and limitations of the electric bike on a prepared circuit and under professional guidance, including the practice of skills such as mounting, emergency stopping, and making left turns (for right-hand side traffic in mainland Europe). Technical aspects of the bike are also explained with tips on how the e-cyclist can safely participate in traffic. Different e-bike models can be tried out.
A professional provides guidance during the practice runs on the prepared circuit, giving tips during the extra exercises and helping participants overcome possible fears they may have about using the bike.
Research into the safety of e-bikes is currently under way in the Netherlands. Although the experts suspect that the electric bike will lead to more traffic accident casualties among seniors, no evidence of this has so far shown up in the statistics.


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Seniors practice riding the electric bike

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