Take a bike on a bus in the countryside

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:28-07-2009

Allow bikes to be taken along on bus and tram in the countryside outside peak hours. In urban areas it is better to focus on bike rental system. This is the conclusion of the Belgian union of public transport users after a world-wide inventory of such schemes.

In the Netherlands it is not usual to take along a bike, according to the Belgian union of train, tram and bus users (BTTB), conducting a study into this phenomenon in co-operation with Flemish government agencies and public transport companies.
In Amsterdam and Rotterdam bikes may be taken along, with certain restrictions, in the underground and on occasional tram routes. And bikes may be taken through the Westerschelde tunnel by bus, which rarely happens however. In Gelderland Veolia is considering the possibility of carrying bikes on a rack in front of the bus. In Flanders bikes may be taken along much more often in buses and trams. Bikes are for instance welcome in the Coastal Tram and in Brussels outside peak hours in trams and buses. In addition the public transport company De Lijn has ordered 38 city buses and 108 articulated buses that are provided with straps in the middle, where two bikes may be affixed.
In Germany in NordRheinWestphalen customers may usually take along bikes, provided there is room. In trains, light rail vehicles and trams there is often a separate space where bikes may be parked. However, BTTB observes that things do not always go smoothly in urban areas. Taking along a bike sometimes costs a few Euro and quite often there is no room. The study did not consider the effects on occupancy rates of public transport, although the conclusion is drawn that in NordRheinWestphalen the quite customer-friendly set-up does have a distinctly positive effect on use.


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Take a bike on a bus in the countryside

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