Test airbag for cyclists in Amsterdam

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:11-05-2010

The Swedish-American company Autoliv intends to test an airbag system for cyclists in Amsterdam this fall. A mandatory airbag on the exterior of a car may save hundreds of cyclists&' lives in Europe

In a collision with a bicycle the airbag will deploy to considerably cushion the landing of the cyclist’s head on the windscreen. A cyclist stands a good chance of coming off with minor damage. Recently the last crash tests needed for the completion of the first prototype of the airbag system have been conducted at TNO Automotive. The prototype is to be tested for a year in the busy Amsterdam traffic. Only the detection system will be tested for the time being, not the airbag itself.

TNO Automotive expects the airbag for cyclists to be ready for mass production by 2015. Fietsersbond is pleading for mandatory introduction. In Europe a mandatory external airbag will reduce the number of traffic casualties by several hundred a year. For the completion of the project another 2.7 million Euro is needed, half of which has already been promised by the Dutch Ministry of Transport and Public Works. It is expected that other countries and manufacturers like Autoliv will contribute as well.


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Test airbag for cyclists in Amsterdam

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