Tour and Giro to promote cycling

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:16-03-2010

This year both Tour de France and Giro d&'Italia will visit the Netherlands. Amsterdam, Rotterdam and several provinces will use this occasion to promote cycling.

The province of Utrecht will publish a promotional newspaper, the Giro Special, to be distributed among all private addresses in the province. Local television is to produce a series of six episodes called Ga toch fietsen! (Go Bike!). All elementary school pupils in the province will receive a free Utrecht cycling map. This will also be published in English and Italian and distributed abroad. And finally there will be cycling package deals for tourists visiting the province in May.
The province of Zeeland, too, will pull out all the stops this year with a number of activities and events inspired by the passage of the two major cycle races. The provincial schedule is based on six 'stages' emphasising various issues such as wellness, recreation, accessibility of the seaside and traffic safety. All in close cooperation with local media, bicycle shops, tourist information offices and so on.
Rotterdam, too, has set aside funds to promote cycling at the start of the Tour de France. Cycling clinics will be organised for various audiences (youths, elderly, mobility-impaired), there are opportunities for virtual racing or actual cycling, and there will be workshops by bicycle repair specialists. Amsterdam will use the presence of the Giro to promote cycling as a sport. With the slogan Giromania pupils from elementary grades 7 and 8 can get acquainted with racing bicycles and mountain bikes, by means of clinics and teaching packages. Supported by racing clubs local authorities hope to encourage their young residents to exercise more.


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Tour and Giro to promote cycling

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