Tunnel art in Leeuwarden

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:27-12-2012

This is what the design for four new pedestrian and cyclist tunnels in the city of Leeuwarden looks like. The design is part of the municipality's Master Plan for art which will deploy about 20 artworks. A different artist will be selected for every port of entry to town.

For the work on the Drachtersplein, artist Jan van der Ploeg exploits rhythm, symmetry, and repetition. “The figure can probably be seen at a glance but if you spend more time to take in the artwork, more will become apparent”, according to the municipality's accompanying press release. “Then you will discover the complexities, the different rhythms and the structures buried in the artwork. The four different compositions are built from different tiles, placed horizontally. The approximately 10,000 tiles are alternately satiny and glossy in texture. In making the design for the different walls, Van der Ploeg chose a monumental and accessible imagery.'


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Tunnel art in Leeuwarden

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