Twente students help Bonaire to start cycling

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:30-05-2011

Two students of Twente University help the Caribbean island of Bonaire in drawing up a cycling plan. This is necessary for traffic safety, but obesity among many youths is an additional problem. As the financial means to provide new infrastructure are limited, they propose handling bicycle traffic along roads parallel to the main road network as much as possible.

The two students, Guido Nijenhuis and Mark Roelofsen, propose a phased introduction of the network. In this way investments may be spread out. In the first phase the focus will be on students who would like to go to school more often by bike, as a survey has revealed. The plan intends to adapt infrastructure at both secondary schools on the island. Next the various neighbourhoods should be connected, which requires construction of a number of crossings at the busy roads. And finally a cycling infrastructure should be constructed within the neighbourhoods themselves as well.
In addition to traffic safety, theft is a major problem as well. That requires construction of more bicycle parkings. Moreover there should be financial assistance for the purchase of bicycles, as these are too expensive for many residents of the island. A particular hazard for traffic safety are the dogs running free on the island. These – or rather their owners – need to be educated as well.

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Twente students help Bonaire to start cycling

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