Users determine their own parking fee in the Breda Bike Park

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:25-05-2012

Cyclist in Breda will themselves determine how much they are willing to pay for parking their bikes in several inner city bicycle parks.&This is a test with two bike parks for the period from July to December. The remaining city bike parks are still free to use this year.

"This administration stands behind the personal initiative and responsibility of the inhabitants. The test in which compensation for the use of the bike park is left up to users, is an example of this,” states Wilbert Willems, Councillor for Mobility, Sustainability, and Culture in Breda who further elaborated on the pilot: “The pilot is stimulating for both users of the facility as well as its management. Leaving the compensation up to users makes an appeal to their sense of fairness. This will also increase appreciation for the service attitude offered by the management.”
Users of the Breda Bike Park enjoy supervised parking and are offered excellent facilities; a charging station for E-Bikes will be soon installed and cyclists can use the bicycle lockers. The municipality estimates that parking revenues - based on users’ own choice of payment – will be about €80,000 against costs of €77,000.


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Users determine their own parking fee in the Breda Bike Park

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