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  • Datum:01-02-2008

From today on www.fietsberaad.org is your address for international cycle knowledge. It is the new international website of Fietsberaad – Centre of expertise on bicycle policy in the Netherlands. On the website you find news, reports and examples on bicycling in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Also you can prepare a Visit to the Netherlands: a real excursion or a virtual visit. The website is accessible in English and later on in German, French and Spanish.

  • More interest in cycling
    At the exact moment in time when cycling is world-wide increasingly in the spotlight. Three currently highly relevant topics are important contributing factors: 

    Climate change 
    The problems concerned with climate ask for a more sustainable way of life and consequently more sustainable mobility. Together with walking, cycling is approximately 140 times as sustainable as the use of a car. In addition cycling does not require non-renewable fuels. 

    Lack of exercise and obesity cause quite a number of health problems. Increasingly scientists are indicating that cycling as part of normal daily life (e.g. to school, to shops and to work), would be an ideal remedy against our overly sedentary lifestyle. 

    Accessibility of towns 
    Networks in major cities can no longer accommodate the large numbers of cars, causing ever more deadlocks in traffic. The bicycle offers – in combination with public transport – an excellent alternative. After all, in towns bicycles are the fastest mode of transport. Still apart from the cycle’s economic use of space. The bike is the mode of transport to lubricate urban transport systems.

    Model country the Netherlands 
    The Netherlands are considered by many countries to be the model country for bicycles. With the largest proportion of bicycles in transportation. And a high density of bicycle facilities and promotional activities to encourage cycling. But, as we have been informed by our foreign guests, this knowledge and experience is hardly accessible. Because it is only available in Dutch. This website www.fietsberaad.org makes all the enformation accessible. A treasure-trove of knowledge, experience and examples is henceforth at your disposal. In English and later on in other languages. 

    The website in your own language 
    If you surf to our website from where you live you will automatically reach the site in your own language (or in English). By clicking a flag, you will change languages. The next step is visiting “My Fietsberaad” , where you register and may subscribe to the e-newsletter in English appearing 3 times a year. On the website you will find actual news as well as a Knowledge Bank and an Examples Bank. When you click on Knowledge bank, a large number of knowledge documents will become available. The Examples bank will provide a survey of the most striking bicycle facilities in the Netherlands (as well as some other countries). The glossary offers a translation tool to find the English or Dutch translation of the bicycle term you are interested in. If you find documents in English or Dutch on topics that attract your interest, you can request a translation.

    Your contribution to this site is very welcome
    You can help us to improve the information you need. By bringing on additional news, reports or examples, by improving our glossary or by mailing suggestions for the website. We are especially interested in examples from countries, that show how cycling can be raised to a higher level from a situation where cycling is not a common occurrence and bicycle facilities are only rarely present.

    Visit the Netherlands
    A special part of the website is “Visit the Netherlands”. In this module you may pay a virtual visit to bicycle heaven the Netherlands. Complete with pictures and links to relevant items from Examples Bank or Knowledge Bank. You may also use “Visit the Netherlands” to prepare for an actual visit to the Netherlands and select the most relevant bicycle towns.

    All your reactions are more than welcome on international@fietsberaad.nl

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