Zwolle launches ‘Bike yourself fit!'

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:04-06-2012

The Zwolle municipality has launched the “Bike yourself fit!” stimulation project in cooperation with the Cycling Council. The aim of this project is to stimulate the use of bicycles within neighbourhoods via health care programs.

Target groups are inhabitants who live a sedentary lifestyle as well as receive help from caregivers. Because of its diverse communities, the Holtenbroek neighbourhood in Zwolle has been chosen for this project. Until November 2012, family physicians, medical assistants, physiotherapists, dieticians and community nurses will advise those clients of theirs that could benefit from frequent cycling, to take part in the pilot project. Participants will receive individual guidance and the use of certain facilities such as a bicycle repair service or free rental bikes. Furthermore, a number of volunteers will organise various cycling activities - the intention being to get the participants to cycle 20 minutes per day for a period of 40 days. The outcome of the “Bike yourself fit!” pilot project will be evaluated by investigating all participants, their achievements, and their state of health at the start and conclusion of the pilot. Participants’ efforts will be rewarded with the chance to win prizes, including a bicycle. This is the first time that such a project has been carried out in the Netherlands. From a cycling policy perspective, this involves a new target group. From a health policy perspective, although there is much focus on exercise, much of it is directed at sports and less at regular cycling. By stimulating cycling, the “Bike yourself fit!” initiative supports the aims of the Healthy Zwolle program. Even though Healthy Zwolle is primarily aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle for children, it is the adults that provide the good example.


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Zwolle launches ‘Bike yourself fit!'

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