Zwolle ploughs ahead with the bike road

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:27-09-2012

The municipality of Zwolle is the first one in Holland to draw up a “plan for bike roads” in the entire city so as to stimulate their structural application. Four bike roads have been made in the meantime and two more will follow shortly.

The bike road plan selects a number of routes that are candidates for being converted to bike roads. A low degree of automobile traffic (2000-2500 vehicles per day) as well as the absence of buses and lorries are a precondition. Furthermore, the candidate routes must exhibit high cycling traffic.
One of the roads to be considered for conversion, the Van Karnebeekstraat, definitely falls in that category. About 11,000 cyclists ride through it daily, making it the busiest cycling route in town. The cycling path will be paved in red asphalt flanked on both sides by 70-cm wide cobblestone strips. Parking spaces that are perpendicular to the path will be made parallel to it, and to improve the scenery some greenery will be added. In order to allow pedestrians the most unobstructed passage possible along the pavement, markings will indicate where bikes are to be parked. A public bike pump will be installed as an extra service to cyclists.


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Zwolle ploughs ahead with the bike road

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