Amsterdam Fietsdepot gets 120 bicycles a day

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:08-02-2010

The Amsterdam Fietsdepot received 44,246 bicycles from the various districts in 2009. That means approximately 120 bicycles a day. Of these, 27,500 bicycles were designated as beyond repair. In 2008 39,045 bicycles were collected.

Obnoxiously and dangerously parked bicycles are removed by the districts and transferred to Fietsdepot. There the register is checked to see whether it has been reported stolen. In that case the bicycle is returned to its owner free of charge. This occurred 811 times. 9,415 bicycles were collected by their owners, but the overwhelming majority of bicycles was designated beyond repair. Nevertheless 3,980 were transferred to the bicycle trade in 2009. Another 2,400 were destined for job creation programmes at home or abroad .


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Amsterdam Fietsdepot gets 120 bicycles a day

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