Cycling students record routes by GPS

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:15-09-2009

In Dalfsen young students have meticulously mapped their routes to school by GPS. The regional traffic safety agency (ROV Overijssel) intends to use these data in developing traffic safety programs. Provincial authorities can use the data in the reconstruction of the dangerous Zwolle-Ommen road.

Provincial authorities, ROV Overijssel, school and parents co-operate in attempting to change dangerous behaviour of the students in traffic. To gain insight into how students cycle to school and how they behave in traffic, 120 students of the first three grades of secondary school have each been provided for a week in turn with one of the 35 GPS loggers available. The appliance fits in a coat pocket and records down to the second and within three metres which route the cyclist takes. This demonstrates at what time they leave home, how they cycle, where they meet dangerous situations and what time they reach school. The routes are projected onto Google maps and may be viewed on YouTube. The ROV Overijssel intends to use the information from the GPS loggers in developing new teaching material. Provincial authorities want to find out how students cross the busy N340 Zwolle-Ommen. That road will be reconstructed sometime in the future. Provincial authorities want to use the GPS data to determine where bicycle crossing facilities should be located.


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Cycling students record routes by GPS

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