Holland is still the foremost cycling country

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:25-06-2012

The Netherlands still have the most bicycles per capita. Scandinavian countries also score high, with four countries in the top six. &

This conclusion emerged from a list drawn up by the Sydney University of Technology. Bicycle density in Holland is estimated at 99.1%, 80.1% in Denmark, and 75.8% in Germany. After that come Sweden (63.7%), Norway (60.7%), Finland (60.4%), Japan (56.9%), Switzerland (48.8%), Belgium (48%) and finally China where bicycle ownership is estimated to be at least 37.3%.
An examination of the modal split produces an entirely different ranking. Holland is still at the top with 27% of all trips (and 25% of all commuting trips) being done by bike, 18% of all trips being done by bike in Denmark, and 9% in Germany. The bike commuting percentage in Japan, for example, is 15%.
There are no exact figures available for China, but it is known that 60% of all bicycle owners in Shanghai commute to work daily with the bike. The city totals 9 million bicycles owned by 19 million inhabitants.


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Holland is still the foremost cycling country

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