International Inspiration for the 'A Bicycle for Every Child' approach

  • Soort:Voorbeeldenbank
  • Auteur:Mobycon & Dutch Cycling Embassy
  • Uitgever:Mobycon
  • Datum:15-04-2021
  • Opdrachtgever:Tour de Force
This inspirational document has been created by Mobycon & the Dutch Cycling Embassy, and commissioned by Tour de Force. Here you will find a variety of examples concerning international child bicycle programs, to serve as inspiration for Dutch municipalities, provinces, and organisations. 'A Bicycle for Every Child!'


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  • Cycling for Kids

    Although the Netherlands is a cycling country, there are still thousands of children who do not cycle, often because they do not have access to a bicycle. In a country as wealthy as the Netherlands, this should not be the case. Bicycles allow children to participate in their community, to cycle to school, to community centres or the library, to explore their city and, of course, to stay active and healthy. Fortunately, many municipalities have set up initiatives to help encourage and enable children to cycle. Additionally, the ANWB (the Dutch Royal Touring Club) has created its Children’s Bicycle Plan, providing many children growing up in poverty with a bicycle. However, many children and adolescents still live without owning or having access to a bicycle, making this issue one of the pillars for the Tour de Force (a collaboration between the three levels of government in the Netherlands to increase cycling). The goal is to ensure that all children in the Netherlands can cycle and have a bicycle at their disposal. Pilots are being carried out in more than 15 cities throughout the country, including the pilot A Bicycle for Every Child.

    'A Bicycle for every Child'

    Pilot projects are currently being carried out in several cities throughout the country to organise locations for A Bicycle for Every Child. However, one of the challenges of these pilots is establishing long-term relationships with local partners that are easy for the target groups and professionals to find and contact in each city. Additionally, since the need for bicycles in these groups is so high, scaling up activities to meet the demand is another challenge. Of course, equally as important is ensuring that the children who receive a bicycle can actually use it. This can mean that they are also offered the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike, as well as a place to have a tyre patched or a lamp battery replaced.

    Internationale Initiatieven

    International initiatieves concerning children and cycling can serve as a source of inspiration for policy makers struggling with these challenges. That's why Mobycon, in collaboration with the Dutch Cycling Embassy, has created an overview of a variety of these international initiatives. By looking at these examples that collect, refurbish, and redistribute bicycles in some way, we can discover a number of lessons that the Dutch (and other nationalities) can learn from. The initiatives highlighted in this overview are intended as inspiration for anyone already involved in such an initiative or thinking of setting up something similar in their own community. In total, we identified 11 lessons, ranging from a broader focus or target group, to better storytelling and sharing of knowledge.


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International Inspiration for the 'A Bicycle for Every Child' approach

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