Leiden wants to park bikes out of sight

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:16-08-2012

Wherever possible, the Leiden Municipality wants to relocate as many bike parking spaces from the public streets to enclosed parking facilities. A new bike park under the V&D department store is a first step in this direction

The new bike park beneath V&D will offer parking space for 950 bicycles and must be finished in 2014. On opening day, access will be free of charge. If the municipality is to have its way, more will follow since there is much cycling in Leiden but the parking of bicycles occurs at the expense of an attractive street scene and urban quality. For this reason the municipality will incrementally relocate bicycle parking spaces in public spaces with enclosed ones. This is also the case for the area around the station, where a large scale redevelopment will remove the bike parking spaces from public areas. But on the other hand, the demand for bicycle parking facilities is increasing strongly every year, such that the current capacity of 14,000 spaces must be increased to 18,500 by 2020. This will occur hand in hand with the expansion of paid parking facilities in the areas around the station. The NS (national railway) parking rate will apply to parking spaces next to the train platforms, a lower rate will apply for the spaces somewhat further removed from the platforms, and free parking will be available beyond that but still within 250 metres of the entrance to the station.

After the formal opening of the bike park under V&D, the municipality wants to reserve a bike parking area as a paid parking facility for unusual bike formats. Guarded areas will also be reserved for parking mopeds and motorbikes near the central shopping zone, either in an existing bike park or in public spaces. In those locations in the central shopping zone beyond the pedestrian walkways, there will be facilities for short term parking near shops. For the busy parts of the entertainment area, temporary bike parking facilities can be deployed. In addition, and in consultation with local residents, existing car parks could be converted to bike parks as long as the car parks can be recreated elsewhere. The Leiden Municipality has recorded all of these plans in a Master Plan for Bicycle Parking.


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Leiden wants to park bikes out of sight

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