Reward effective in promoting helmet

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:31-08-2010

Six elementary school pupils from towns in the province of Zeeland have received a provincial prize, for often cycling to school wearing the helmet provided free of charge by the provincial bike helmet project Coole kop, helm op (Be cool, wear a helmet!)

In May a provincial team, accompanied by Coolie, the project mascot, has visited all schools in the towns of Terneuzen and Noord-Beveland to count how many children were wearing the helmet on their way to school. During the unannounced visit (parents and children knew the team would be coming, but not when) 805 children cycled to school, of whom 529 were wearing a helmet. Prior to this project there were only 6 children wearing helmets.
The pupils wearing helmets received a card with a unique code. By registering this code via the internet, they had a chance to win.
Since January all elementary schools in the towns of Noord-Beveland and Terneuzen participate in the project to promote bike helmet use among children. All pupils of grades 1 to 4 of the elementary schools received a helmet with a unique Zeeland design. There is also a special teaching package and pupils received handicraft items focussing on the bike helmet theme. Parents and teachers received a brochure about the advantages and use of the bike helmet.
A similar campaign in 2002 in Belgium proved the effect there not to be lasting. Only those youngsters persisted whose parents wore helmets themselves or who were in a class with a teacher who promoted the helmet.


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Reward effective in promoting helmet

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