Squeezing more bikes into a metre

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:04-03-2013

The X-fiX is a proposition serious enough for the Den Haag municipality to support a trial in guarded bike parking lots. Its handlebar can be turned, thus allowing more bikes to be stored per metre of parking space.

  • The testing ground is the bike parking lot located next to the The Hague's city hall as well as a lot near the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. The X-fix is an ingenious system devised by its creators Luc Meuwese and Maarten Pronk, to rotate the handlebar a quarter turn. As a result more bikes can fit in a bike parking lot or less space is taken up in a shed or hallway. In parking lots designed to hold X-fiX bikes, an extra 13 bikes can be parked in a 10-metre stretch of bike rack. The X-fiX is controlled by a central lever on the handlebar. A new version with a ball head is being developed to allow an X-fiX to be mounted on bikes with an adjustable handlebar.


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Squeezing more bikes into a metre

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