Tests of a roundabout on a one-to-one scale

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:02-07-2013

While most traffic problems are studied using traffic models in the Netherlands, a different approach to building the ideal roundabout is taken in England; a full-scale copy was built.

This took place in the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) in Berkshire under commission of the City of London, which intends to implement the roundabout widely if the trials succeed. On the proving grounds, hundreds of road users have ridden on the so-called “Dutch-style” roundabout. Researchers paid particular attention to the interaction between cyclists and motorist upon entering and exiting the roundabout, as well as to how the road markings play a role. The trials must clearly establish whether the roundabouts are safe enough to be incorporated into the directives issued by the English Department of Transport. TRL is also researching other developments, some of which come from the Netherlands. The laboratory is for instance considering implementing low-level traffic signals for cyclists, as well as the possibility of fitting RFID tags on cyclists so that they may be better detected by turning lorries.


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Tests of a roundabout on a one-to-one scale

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