Tour of Germany

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:12-01-2011

They are red and exclusively used by students. This year another 600 were raffled among youngsters starting university in Karlsruhe. The bicycles have been positioned in the shape of the number 225, referring to the fact that 225 years ago Karl Drais - at least according to the Germans - invented the bicycle.

The action has been up and running since 2007. Over time 2200 bicycles have been distributed to students enrolling in one of the eight local colleges. This is an example of the German approach in promoting cycling. Those eager to know more details may use the new leaflet Rundfahrt, ExkursionsführerzurRadverkehrsförderung in Deutschland 2010 to plan an excursion along a number of German cycling towns.
For instance to see how Karlsruhe manages a special traffic light regime for cyclists turning left. The bicycle street occurs there, too. As well as the Veloweich, a traffic design for streets joining main routes at an angle.
In the new leaflet cities like Berlin, Freiburg, Hannover and Emden are described as well. For each city the major facts and figures have been included and a short account is provided on local traffic policies, followed by a map demonstrating possible excursion routes in town and a photo display of the major cycling highlights.


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