Utrecht to research the effects of new signage

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:07-05-2013

The municipality of Utrecht will investigate if new cycling direction signs can persuade cyclists to take a quieter route.

Cyclists who wish to cycle from central station to the east side of Utrecht automatically choose to cycle through the busiest road in town, thereby often causing traffic congestion. For this reason, the municipality wants to indicate alternative routes to cyclists. Cycling on these routes has been made more pleasant thanks to various road improvements, including renovations of the road surface.
A new type of signage is being tested on these routes, consisting of large dots and signs painted on the road. Actors have been hired to make cyclists aware of the alternative route. The municipality has placed information panels at the start and finish of the route. All of this signage will remain in place until after the summer, when the trial will be evaluated. This is done on the basis of counts done on site and on user surveys.


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Utrecht to research the effects of new signage

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